How to Frame Your Art

One of the most common questions I get after a client purchases a piece is:
“How do I frame this?”
The answer always seems like a giant DUH to me, but I grew up with an artistic grandmother who framed all of her work herself and showed me the importance of a fabulous frame. Not everyone has that blessing.
So… how do you frame?
First starters, ask yourself these questions:
1) What is the vibe of the room the piece is going into?
2) What kind of frame do you want to use?
3) Is there a color palette you can reference or follow?
For example, I have calming blues and browns in my current office. My frames are all natural wood or gold and I am using hanger frames to keep it simple. 
Here’s an example of a “Scroll Style” or “Hanger Frame” - Amazon.  Ideal for posters. I use these in my office the most because they are easy to change out. Not the best for sure OCD people though!
The other option for posters is to chose a classic frame. You can pick different finishes based on the style of your room. Amazon. 
I also use frames in my own office quite frequently. 
Posters don’t need a mat for the frame so this will be a true to size frame. An 18x24” poster needs an 18x24” frame (opening).
For watercolor prints or art work in general, it is best to select a frame WITH a mat. The mat is the border between a frame and the picture. It makes the picture appear larger on the wall and gives more dimension and interest. You can get pretty fancy with these, using colored mats to make the art stand out. Amazon
For mats, the opening is for example 8x8”, but the actual frame is 12x12”. 
Framing is meant to help accentuate the pieces that you invest in. A good framing job can change the entire vibe of the piece. Invest well and your walls will thank you!
~ Sandy
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