Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions!

Do you ship International?

Yes. Customers are responsible for all taxes and import fees when the parcel/package arrives in customs. International shipping can be tricky, but I do my best to provide for as many countries as I can. 

Unfortunately, Saudi Arabia has been denying my shipments so I no longer ship there.

 Shipping takes 3-6 weeks depending on your country's customs.

International shipping is a flat rate of $20 USD.


Are the posters framed? 

No, the posters are not framed. I get most of my posters from Opposite Wall 

or Amazon. 


Do you do custom pieces or commissions?

No I do not. I currently only sell my prints and am not taking custom art orders. 

I take a few select mural projects in a year.


Do you do tattoos?

I do not design custom tattoos.


Can I use your art in my logo?

No. I do not allow the use of my art anywhere else other than in my shops. 


Do you make logos?

Nope! I leave that up to more graphic artsy inclined people!

My logo is designed by Christina at


Do you sell digital versions of your posters?

Nope. Only items that are digital downloads are listed under Digital Downloads.

I do not sell digital versions of my posters and watercolors. I understand shipping and taxes can be expensive but I will not sell digital versions of my posters that I spend weeks and months on. One of the main reasons is that my art has been stolen by random “sellers” on Amazon previously and “stores” made by popular doctor meme accounts.  


Are you a chiropractor?

Yes, I am a licensed doctor of Chiropractic. It is my “day job” if you will. I love balancing the sciences with the arts because I can truly not just do one full time. 

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Hello! I love your art style and I want to design my new office with them. I am planning on buying a good amount of the posters and I wanted to know if you had a return policy in case I buy too many.


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